SEN Staff

Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

We aim to provide high quality education on a daily basis for all children which includes adapting and differentiating the curriculum accordingly.  We aim to involve parents/carers at all stages of their children's education and discuss any special educational needs and provision regularly with them. If a child has been identified as having a special educational need, then a Support Plan will be put into place in consultation with the parents. In addition, a One Page Profile will be completed following discussions with the pupil and parents/carers.  A One Page Profile captures important information about the child to enable the teacher to personalise their learning.  It enables teachers to be aware of the strengths, interests and potential barriers to learning.  The teacher, with advice from the SENCo, will then agree in consultation with the parent and the pupil the adjustments, interventions and support to be put in place, as well as the expected impact on progress, development or behaviour, along with a clear date for review.  The process will follow the assess, plan, do, review cycle. 

Occasionally children need more support and advice than is readily available in the school, and in these instances we may seek extra funding from County to enable us to provide extra help.

If you need to contact the SENCo, please use this email address: