How to Apply

Hertfordshire County Council manage admissions (excluding Nursery). For all admissions information including booklets and guidance, current admission arrangements and previous statistical information please follow the link to our Herts Direct Admissions pages, or speak to them directly on the Admissions Queries phone number, both below.

Admissions Queries - 0300 1234 043

Admissions Appeal Timetable 

Nursery Admissions 

Nursery Admissions are managed by Laurance Haines School. If you would like a Nursery place for the current 2019-20 academic year, please contact us on 01923 233146 for advice and see the arrangements below:

Nursery Admissions arrangements for Laurance Haines School 2020-21

Nursery Admissions Arrangements for Laurance Haines School 2020-21 - Updated Jan 2021

Nursery Admissions Arrangements for Laurance Haines School 2021-22

Nursery Admissions Arrangements for Laurance Haines School 2022-23

The Nursery applications for September 2021 close on Friday 26th February 2021. We accept applications for 15 hours and 30 hours provision for eligible families. 

To apply for a Nursery 2021-22 place, please email

Nursery Application Form 2021/22

Reception Admissions 

For children who are born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017.

Reception admissions are managed by the Herts Admissions Team.

Applications open: 2nd November 2020

Applications close: 15th January 2021

Applications must be made here. Applications after this date may still be made, but they will be considered to be late.

Please note: having a Nursery place is no guarantee of a main school place. There is a separate application procedure for Reception class.

Admissions arrangements IMAT 2020-2021

Admission arrangements IMAT 2021-2022

Admission arrangements IMAY 2022-2023

Guide for parents and carers of children applying to primary, junior and middle schools for September 2021.

In Year Admissions 

In-year Admissions will be managed by the  Herts Admissions Team. To see if places are available at our school for this current school year, see here.

To apply for an in-year place, please see the Herts Admissions Website instructions.