'Led by the children, for the children'

At Laurance Haines School our children lead the way. Creating a sense of pupil agency is the centre of our curriculum and this enables children to have control over their learning, with many elements being self-directed. Its innovation is bold and ambitious and enables children to take risks as they make their way along their learning journey towards a better future. Experiences both in and outside of the classroom provide exciting learning opportunities and our children become immersed in a world of learning all around them.

The Six Principles of Nurture are embedded throughout all that we do and our children benefit from a calm start everyday where they may enjoy some massage, yoga or mindfulness. The wellbeing of all our children is central to the curriculum and children use the Zones of Regulation and their network hands to communicate how they are feeling.

At Laurance Haines School we are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all our children, staff, parents and carers irrespective of race, gender, disability, belief, sexual orientation, age or socio-economic background. Our school aim is for all children, staff and parents to identify with the following statement: “You see me. You hear me. I belong.” We want all to feel that they belong in the Laurance Haines community, or family, as it is often referred to.

Our children’s creative and innovative ideas are weaved into the requirements of the National Curriculum. With children at the centre of our curriculum, it is an expectation that they influence the direction of their learning by sharing interests, being part of collaborative decision making, questioning their own learning, challenging the balance, accuracy and trustworthiness of the learning and bringing experiences from life outside of school. The Laurance Haines Curriculum is supported by Curriculum Maestro which provides our staff a platform to build inventive and original learning experiences that track and assess the criteria set from the Government framework. 

See the National Curriculum here.

Reading, writing and mathematics are embedded across the foundation subjects and our children frequently use the core skills to unlock learning in other subjects. The attainment and progress of each child is evident through pupil voice, seen in the learning environments and in their books, with learning being celebrated and shared through Twitter and Marvellous Me.

The curriculum at Laurance Haines is ever-evolving and prepares children for life in a rapidly developing world, creating life-long learners, so they are ready for a better future.