Celebrations and Awards

 Children learn best in an atmosphere that is calm and positive.  Praise and encouragement are widely used in managing children's behaviour in order to promote positive self-esteem.  Children will learn that it is their behaviour that can be unacceptable not themselves as individuals.

Good behaviour is expected from all pupils at all times and will be acknowledged through:

  1. Verbal personal and constructive recognition by adults and peers.
  2. Personalised whole class reward system.
  3. Small rewards such as stickers or House Points awarded for effort, helpfulness and achievement.
  4. Informing parents/carers of their child's achievements through a Praise Postcard from a member of staffImage result for buoyancy balloon badges of honour
  5. Recording their names on the Excellence Board.
  6. Showing Assemblies.
  7. Certificates presented in Celebration Assemblies.
  8. Presentation Star Awards
  9. A Badge of Honour (and Buoyancy Balloon) at Celebration Assemblies
  10. Laurance Haines Larry to take home for the weekend
  11. The Lassman, Slade, or Ashton termly awards for an outstanding student in each Key Stage.
  12. Platt and RWI termly reading awards.
  13. Maureen Leo Kitchen Team termly award for great dinner hall etiquette and citizenship
  14. Ridyard Eco termly award for environmental awareness and excellenceImage result for balloon red blue yellow green purple

Behaviour for learning is encouraged through the use of our Buoyancy Balloons and Badges of Honour which promote resilience, collaboration, effort and teamwork. As an extension of this and to promote children’s well-being, Badges of Honour can be awarded as follows:

  • Green badge – for taking notice
  • Yellow badge – for positive attitudes and effort in learning
  • Blue badge – for being active
  • Red badge – for making connections with others
  • Purple badge – for giving  

Image result for silver cup trophy

At the end of each academic year, one staff member will be nominated by the leadership team for the Roger Gibbs Award for excellent staff contributions throughout the year.