What is the PTA?

The PTA is a school-based organisation of all parents and carers with children at Laurance Haines School, as well as the School’s staff, and is best known for raising money through events for the Friends of Laurance Haines School Charity Number 1129337. Click HERE to see an overview of the FOLHS Charity. The money raised is used to benefit all children at the School.

The PTA follows a governing Constitution document that defines the structure and control of the PTA.

At the start of the new School year (September, or as soon as possible thereafter) the PTA holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM). At this meeting, a Committee is elected to run the PTA. Click HERE to see what each role entails.

The current core Committee are:

Head of School                                   -                   Mr Gray

Governor Representative

Chairperson                                         -                   Steph Lennox

Vice-Chair                                            -                   Emma Morrissey

Honorary Secretary                              -                   Becky Davis

Honorary Treasurer                              -                   Nidhi Jajodia

Ordinary Committee Members              -                   Minimum of 4 and up to 20

At the end of the School year, the PTA Accounts (expenditure and funding raised) are audited and uploaded to the FOLHS Charity’s account with the Charity Commission.