Summer 2019


Ashton Award – Foundation Stage

We would like to nominate Aavas from Nursery for the Ashton award.

He is a different child to the one who started in September. He has gained so much confidence and has formed good relationships with peers and familiar adults.

He is happy, confident, and affectionate. He tries his best, always has a go and can laugh even if things don't go quite right – Mrs Green and Mrs Lees

Slade Award – Years 1-3

I would like to nominate Aiza for the Slade award, She has been an absolute pleasure to teach this year and has such a positive attitude to school and her learning. At the beginning of the year Aiza broke her arm and still came to school with a smile on her face. Despite me telling her to take it easy she didn’t let it stop her from participating. Her resilience and determination were inspiring. She is extremely hard working and is willing to challenge herself in all areas of learning. She is very aware of her targets and responds well to feedback. She is very polite and has a lovely circle of friends who clearly care for each other and look after each other. Thank you for being such an excellent role model and lovely member of Elder Class – Mrs Bygrave

Lassman Award – Years 4-6

Can I please nominate Maria for the Lassman Award. She always has an infectious love of learning and a determined attitude even when she is finding something tricky. Throughout the year she has always shown excellent presentation. She is full of interesting, exciting ideas for her writing and I always enjoy reading her work. She is polite, friendly and never questions an instruction. She goes out of her way to help adults and the children around her. I hope her fantastic attitude towards education carries on as she moves in to Year 5. – Miss Liddell

RWI Award

I would like to nominate Mya for the RWI award. She has made amazing progress in RWI this year and has become a much more confident reader. She is now starting to read with expression and is always keen to read with either the class teacher or the volunteers in class. In her own learning time she can often be found in the book corner, either reading to herself or sharing a book with her friends. – Mrs Bygrave

Platt Reading Award

Can I nominate Kimi for the Platt reading award. I have enjoyed seeing how much Kimi loves reading this year. Her love of books and reading is fantastic and she has made good progress with her comprehension because of this! She is always begging to borrow books from my personal library shelf and she enjoys keeping me updated with the twists and turns of the stories and gives me book reviews and recommendations weekly. I have to ask her to put her book down because she is so engaged. I hope she carries on enjoying reading and losing herself in good books as she moves into Year 5! – Miss Liddell

Ridyard Eco Award

I would like to nominate Margarida in year three Yew for her outstanding work in keeping our school as eco-friendly as possible. She encourages her peers to  recycle more and always takes time to check that all the children are recycling their waste properly. She makes sure that the lights are switched off and helps with the recycling at lunch time. She even works on all things eco at home. She is an inspiration to all of us! – Ms Delginova

Maureen Leo Special Lunch Team Award

Nana... For always asking if we need any help, having fantastic manners at service and always coming back for seconds!

Zuhoor … For his enthusiastic approach to trying new things and always being polite and friendly at service – Miss Sherriff