Spring 2019


Ashton Award – Foundation Stage

I would like to nominate Jaden for the Ashton award. He has made fantastic progress in all areas of learning this year. His confidence to answer questions and give his opinion has increased and as a result the work he produces is of a high quality. His attitude to learning has changed throughout the year and he has gone from being very distracted to extremely focused. He loves to share his work with his teachers and friends and loves a challenge. I am so proud of the hard work and progress he has made. Well done Jaden! - Miss Lane

Slade Award – Years 1-3

My nomination for Slade is Khalid. For always looking out for others. Khalid is the first to ask if there are any jobs around the classroom that he can help with, and uses his initiative when he sees his classmates struggling. He often finds jobs that need doing before I have. He is also hardworking and focused and will consistently try his best at everything he does. - Miss Oliver

Lassman Award – Years 4-6

I would like to nominate Elsie. She is an outstanding student who always tries her best in every lesson to challenge herself in her learning. She has beautiful presentation in her books and takes great pride in her work. She is a role model to her peers in her enthusiasm for learning and her behaviour both in and outside of the classroom. Elsie is a good friend to everyone in the class and always makes sure she looks after her friends and helps those that do not have anyone to play with or who are upset in the classroom or on the playground. She is a pleasure to teach and a credit to our school. Miss Edwards and Miss Liddell

RWI Award

I would like to nominate Alexia for the RWI award. Alexia has made huge progress since the beginning of the year and thoroughly enjoys reading. She uses expression when she reads and loves story time where she has excellent comprehension based on what she has heard and uses the vocabulary and ideas she has learnt from these books creatively in her writing too. Well done Alexia. - Mrs Bygrave

Platt Reading Award

Samuel has an absolute passion for reading; I often find him with his head in a book or searching my book shelf for a new read. He is always eager to share story lines and his opinions on books, and his love for reading is infectious for those around him. The progress he has made in reading this year has been brilliant and I hope he continues on his journey of finding fascinating authors and books. Miss Burrell

Ridyard Eco Award

We would like to nominate Sanjitha. She always has a conscientious attitude towards the classroom environment. She makes sure she checks the recycling in the classroom, turns off the taps and makes sure that the lights and electronic equipment is not left on. She helps her class mates to make eco-friendly choices by reminding them what is recyclable and what is not. She is a role model to our class and has helped the children and adults to be eco-friendly. - Miss Edwards and Miss Liddell

Maureen Leo Special Lunch Team Award

Halima, for always being polite and always saying please and thank-you. - Allison Sherriff

Rose for always being polite and cheerful during service, always making the kitchen team smile.