Physical Education

In physical education, our children will learn a variety of different skills in sports, dance and gymnastics. At Laurance Haines, we strive for every child to know how to stay fit and healthy and how exercise has a positive effect on their mental health. Physical education skills are progressively learnt and developed across the years and our staff are supported by a specialist sports coach to ensure the children receive weekly quality sessions. Children are supported to develop their swimming skills and self-help skills in the water through designated lessons. We enhance the gymnastics learning through a partnership with Watford Gymnastics Club where children are able to access specialist facilities. Across a range of sports, dance and gymnastics, children will compete with one another and others across our Trust. Being healthy is embedded throughout our curriculum and our children take part in running the ‘Daily-Mile’ at some point across the school day. We also offer an extensive range of extra curricular sports activities before and after school.