Behaviour for learning is encouraged through the use of our Buoyancy Balloons and Badges of Honour which promote resilience, collaboration, effort and teamwork. As an extension of this and to promote children’s well-being, Badges of Honour can be awarded as follows:

  • Green badge – for taking notice
  • Yellow badge – for positive attitudes and effort in learning
  • Blue badge – for being activeImage result for balloon red blue yellow green purple
  • Red badge – for making connections with others
  • Purple badge – for giving  

See the galleries on the left for previous winners.

Buoyancy Balloon Winners 30 November 2018

Eugene – Yellow. Eugene has been enthusiastic in all of his lessons about his learning and has tried his best in every subject. When working with Mrs Modha and Mrs Hall he has shown a strong work ethic and a keen interest in learning his times tables and improving his reading. He has started to tell others that he loves reading and even invited his mum into school so that she could listen to him read with Mrs Hall. It has been a pleasure to see his love of learning develop and I hope that this continues! Miss Edwards, Mrs Modha & Mrs Hall

Elsie & Leyla – Red.  They have both been kind, patient and caring to a child in their class who sometimes finds the work challenging. They have sat with them without being asked by a teacher so that they could help them to think of ideas for their writing. They are also both quick to help any child in the class or on the playground that is upset. Both girls are a great help to their teachers and fantastic friends to those in their class Miss Edwards & Mrs Shehzad

Mrs Woodroofe – Purple. Mrs Woodroofe gave up a lot of her own time to put away a huge backlog of library book returns which had built up over the few weeks whilst board-game club was closed. This benefited the whole school, as everyone uses the library. Thanks so much.         Mrs Plociennik

Mrs Green – Purple. Mrs Green is a fair and helpful teacher that supports us in the classroom and on our trips to the swimming pool.  She is very friendly and gives up her time to make us feel happy and safe.  She makes all of our lessons fun and engaging and always has a smile on her face.  When we find our learning difficult, she tries to think of different ways to teach us so that we understand it better. We want to nominate Mrs Green for giving her time to us.   Sanjitha & Laura – Year 4 Palm