Behaviour for learning is encouraged through the use of our Buoyancy Balloons and Badges of Honour which promote resilience, collaboration, effort and teamwork. As an extension of this and to promote children’s well-being, Badges of Honour can be awarded as follows:

  • Green badge – for taking notice
  • Yellow badge – for positive attitudes and effort in learning
  • Blue badge – for being activeImage result for balloon red blue yellow green purple
  • Red badge – for making connections with others
  • Purple badge – for giving  

See the galleries on the left for previous winners.

Buoyancy Balloon Winners 22 March 2019

TameenaPurple. Tameena noticed that we weren’t playing football as we normally do.  She then found out that we had made poor choices and the consequence was a ban from football.  She then did something we thought was amazing, she gave up what she was doing to play with us and make our lunch break fun.  We really enjoyed it.  We want to award her this badge for what she did for us. Sean & Michael Birch Class