Behaviour for learning is encouraged through the use of our Buoyancy Balloons and Badges of Honour which promote resilience, collaboration, effort and teamwork. As an extension of this and to promote children’s well-being, Badges of Honour can be awarded as follows:

  • Green badge – for taking notice
  • Yellow badge – for positive attitudes and effort in learning
  • Blue badge – for being activeImage result for balloon red blue yellow green purple
  • Red badge – for making connections with others
  • Purple badge – for giving  

See the galleries on the left for previous winners.

Buoyancy Balloon Winners 14 06 2019

Titas  – Yellow Keep Learning:  Titas always tries his best in every lesson and has made fantastic progress this year as a result. He listens carefully to his teacher and takes part in class discussions enthusiastically. If he does not understand something he makes sure he asks an adult to support him with his learning. He has a strong work ethic and truly deserves a yellow keep learning badge!

Kieran  – Yellow Keep Learning: Kieran strives to challenge himself in every lesson and activity. He produces work to an outstanding standard with beautiful presentation. He is a role model to his peers and definitely deserves a yellow keep learning badge for his strong work ethic. 

Laiba - Yellow Keep Learning:  Laiba is an exceptional student who is enthusiastic about her learning. She is always keen to help her peers and adults around the school and takes pride in her work. Her books are always immaculate and she displays her work beautifully. She is a role model to her peers. 

Leona  – Yellow Keep Learning:  I would like to nominate Leona for a take notice badge as she and another student went out of their way to tidy the books in the library without being asked. She often will offer to help her peers and other adults around the school but this was an exceptional act of kindness that should be celebrated.

Falak – Red Connect: For her fantastic gamesmanship with other students and myself, and interesting chats shared during lunch times.

Haydar - Red Connect: Haydar is very polite. Two examples were shown on a trip where Haydar sincerely greeted adults and also impressed the bus driver with his genuine thank you.  He is also very caring, and was seen in the holidays comforting another child who fell over in the playground.

Inaaya  - Larry. Throughout Year 4 Inaaya has shown that she is a kind, considerate and determined member of Laurance Haines. From the moment she stepped foot in Palm class in September, she has shown a real dedication to her learning. She takes great care and pride in every single piece of work she does and she has high expectations of herself. She is incredibly helpful and does this without the expectation that she will be rewarded. She volunteers her time to help other students and teachers and never complains when she is asked to do something. She has shown that she can work with any of her peers and that she is a friend to all. She is curious and asks questions which enable her to grow even further. Time and time again she has shown that she has an open mind and a desire to be the best she can be. She needs to make sure that she holds onto this beautiful attitude as it will take her far in life. 

Mueez  – Yellow Keep Learning :  Mueez has worked hard throughout Year 4 especially with his handwriting, spelling and arithmetic.  Despite the fact that he found handwriting tricky at the beginning of the year which made it hard for adults to read his work, he now makes sure he is using joined up writing and he works hard with his presentation. Now that his handwriting is improved, he is able to showcase his fantastic vocabulary and spelling. He even got full marks on the spelling test last half term! Mueez has also been working really hard at home to practice his times tables and is a wizard at TT Rockstars. At the start of the year, his average speed was 9.68 seconds - now it is an outstanding 0.83 seconds! Well done Mueez - you should be very proud of your achievements.  Miss Liddell and Mrs Green.