2018 Spring

Ridyard Environmental Award – Sadiq

He gives up his lunch time every day to help Mr Clay to empty the recycling bins.  He always asks if he can turn the light off when he leaves the classroom and makes sure that we have only recyclable materials in our green recycling bins in the classroom – Miss Edwards.

Maureen Leo Lunchtime Award – Millie and Suragi

Millie – for always enjoying her school meal, trying new things and asking for extra  - especially chips!

Suragi – for always being polite and friendly at service.

Ashton Award–  Aleks

Our nomination for the Ashton award is Aleksander Kenderov. He has made fantastic progress this term and is a role model within Plum Class. His confidence has grown so much over the last term not only in his leaning but also within his peer group. He is always keen to share his knowledge and skills with his peers and has particularly enjoyed teaching his peers some words and phrases in Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian. Keep up the great work Aleks, you are a superstar!

Slade Award– Yehansa 

Yehansa joined our school at the beginning of year 1 and straight away she became a valued member of Elm class. Yehansa is a good friend ; always looking out for other members of the class, looking after children when they are hurt or feeling upset and going out of her way to include children she might not usually play with during her break and lunch times. Always with a smile on her face, she brings her positive attitude into the classroom and is always keen to contribute during class discussions and offers her help to the adults and children in year 1.

Lassman Award - Aaiza

Since KS1 this person has shown resilience and stoicism in her attitude to facing challenges, whether in the classroom or playground.  This person has developed a very kind and caring manner which is evident around the school and at home (tidying her brothers’ rooms).  She is a highly valued member of Year 6 who is quick to notice when a job needs doing and is willing to stretch beyond her abilities to achieve a positive outcome.  Whilst being demure, she is also witty, engaging and fun loving.  At Laurance Haines, we feel she will become an outstanding citizen and achieve many things in her life.

Her teacher says she is hard working and diligent – an absolute role model to her peers.  She contributes to wider school life with a responsible and mature attitude, and is a real pleasure to teach!

RWI Reading Award – Leticia

This child has made excellent progress in RWI, she knows most of her sounds and is starting to apply these to, not only, her reading but also her writing. She has become an independent learner who enjoys reading for pleasure and particularly enjoys spending time in the reading area applying her phonics knowledge to her reading. Well done Leticia.

Platt Reading Award - Emmanuel

Emmanuel is an avid reader, who loves sharing his opinion of books with his classmates. He is always experimenting with new titles and authors, and borrows them from the library and his teacher. Emmanuel enjoys looking up the definition of new words in his dictionary, and as a result, he has expanded his vocabulary enormously! This has had a hugely positive impact on his writing and his ability to create thoughtful descriptions of characters and settings. We look forward to his next recommendation! – Miss Macqueen