Governors along with staff members who regularly attend meetings of the governing body and  its committees must declare any business or personal interest that might influence any decision they may make especially in financial matters. Any governor with such an interest must declare it annually and notify the school of any changes that occur.

Where there is a conflict of interest the governor must withdraw from the meeting and take no part in the discussions or vote. The agenda of each meeting requires governors and non governors present to declare any interest they may have in any of the items to be discussed.


Governor Name Category of Governance Relationships within Governing Body and School Business Interests
Allison Sherriff Elected Parent Governor Employed by Caterlink, based at LHS None
Becky Makinson Co-Opted Governor Staff Member at LHS; child at LHS None
Chris Stephenson Elected Staff Governor Staff Member at LHS None
Gemma Banks Associate Member

Assistant Headteacher at LHS;

partner of Nuno Alexandre, Deputy Headteacher at Cherry Tree School

Friends with James Roach IMAT CEO

Friend with Sharon Carlyon IMAT COO

Gillian Heath Associate Member None Trustee of local church
Olivia Gunner Elected Staff Governor Staff Member at LHS None
Seb Gray Headteacher    
Sheba Mensah Elected Parent Governor Volunteer for HAFLS based at LHS; child at LHS None