2017 Autumn

Ridyard Environmental Award – Zak - Beech

Zak is nominated for his outstanding work in keeping our school as eco-friendly as possible. He encourages his peers to recycle more and he always takes time to check that all the children are recycling their waste properly. He makes sure that the lights are switched off and sometimes even leaves Mrs Pandit in dark...

He is an inspiration to all of us!

Maureen Leo Lunchtime Award – Adam G and Ryan L

Ryan is always enthusiastic about our food, always polite and asks for seconds!

Adam is always polite at the hatch, enjoys his food and asks for more!

Ashton Award–  Rian – Pear Class

He is a model pupil. He is kind, considerate to staff and peers alike and always polite. He comes to school every day bursting with enthusiasm and constantly challenges himself. In our recent Nativity play he was lead star he knew every action and every word to all of the songs and was able to prompt his friends.  Even the staff at the Palace Theatre found us and said what a delight he was when he went up on the stage.

We have had so much praise for his performance from all areas of the school and we feel this nomination is truly justified.

Slade Award– Hajra – Holly

Hajra has proved to be a real asset to year 2 this term. She always notices what needs to be done in and around the classroom and quietly carries out the tasks without being asked. She is a happy and very friendly member of Holly class and often offers to be a partner or play with anyone who is feeling left out. On top of this she has taken great responsibility for her own learning. She reads at home each night and never needs reminding to change her reading books.

Lassman Award – Iqra– Oak

She always tries her best in every lesson and completes her work to a high standard. She takes pride in her books and always has outstanding presentation. She is a good friend and always offers to help her peers with her work. On the playground Iqra often plays with children who don't have friends to play with and helps them to use the playground equipment safely.

RWI Reading Award – Tania - Oak

Tania arrived at LHS speaking no English and she is progressing really well in her reading and writing. She always tries her best in her RWI lessons and received a keep learning badge because of her hard work in these lessons.

Platt Reading Award- Taiba – Walnut

Taiba is such an avid reader! After Walnut class voted for their new class reader in our reading world cup competition, Taiba has devoured many of the exciting titles from both my book shelf and the library! She is always helping others to choose a good story to read, and sharing her thoughts about books she has read with her teachers and peers. It is a real pleasure to see how enthusiastic Taiba is about reading both at school and at home. It is truly infectious!