Writing Interventions

The document 'What works for children and young people with literacy difficulties' by Greg Brooks published in 2013 has details of research based interventions (UK) and the impact they have on pupil progress.  Visit the Dyslexia SpLD Trust website and go to the References page.  It is free to download.

We have copies of various interventions for viewing by our outreach schools.  To view, please attend one of our open afternoon events (check the Inset page) or contact your link Base teacher to make an appointment.

Currently we have:

  • 'What Works................' document
  • Acceleread AcceleWrite - a one to one intervention using computer software that runs for 20 sessions (daily for 4 weeks)
  • Freshstart - a phonics based approach to reading and writing for older children
  • RWinc & RWinc 1:1 Tutoring Kit - a daily catch up programme for younger children
  • FFT Wave 3 - an early intervention for children in Year 1 who are struggling with early reading and writing
  • Additional Support for Guided Writing Y1/Y2 - updated from the ELS programme.  Divided into 3 modules, this is for children in Yr 1 and 2 who are still at the early stages of writing and working below ARE but also suitable for older children working at this level.  Lessons cover a year of input with 2 lessons a week
  • Write Away Together (from FFT) - an evidence based, one to one guided writing programme delivered by trained school staff twice weekly for approximately 20 minutes each time.  It supports the pupil in improving focus areas in a piece of recent independent class work using the Praise, Improve, Plan model.  It features the Greg Brookes 'What Works' document 2017.
  • Hi 5 - a tailored, time limited intervention for children at KS2 working at KS1 level in reading and writing
  • Project X Code - a small group or one to one, phonic based, reading and writing intervention centred on an adventure book series.