Strategies to Tackle Visual Stress

Strategies to tackle visual stress include:

  • using coloured overlays - colour required varies for individuals - or reading rulers
  • offering learners a choice of cream or white paper
  • using matt paper to reduce glare
  • setting computer and electronic whiteboard screens to off-white
  • keeping text left justified
  • making use of alternative ways to represent information (such as flow charts, mind maps)
  • using 12pt font size and rounded fonts such as Tahoma or Arial
  • breaking up text - with headings, wide margins, line and paragraph spacing, bullet points, text boxes
  • using bold to highlight rather than italics or underlining
  • keeping sentences short, clear and concise
  • keeping posts and leaflets simple, with essential information grouped together
  • the use of natural lighting where possible.

Information adapted with kind permission of North Yorkshire SpLD Team