Spelling Interventions

We have a number of spelling interventions at the Base.  Many literacy interventions cover spelling as one component of a broader programme (see Informing Choices folder).  However, the programmes listed below are heavily focussed on spelling.  Please contact your Base link teacher if you would like to see any.

  • Phonological Awareness Training (PAT) - systematic approach to reading and spelling using analogy.  Teaches phonically regular words using simple rime units.
  • Stareway - programme that teaches 300 common words systematically through word study and overlearning.
  • SNIP - (Programmes 1, 2 and 3) - FREE to download from www.snip-newsletter.co.uk.  Multisensory programme designed with dyslexic children in mind.
  • Lift Off - multisensory, 4-day a week, one-to-one literacy programme designed by the SpLD Base.  The spelling element teaches word families and common words which are applied within the context of dictated sentences.
  • Apples & Pears - combines teaching of punctuation and spelling.  Uses a morphemic approach and includes phonically irregular words.  For pupils aged 4-10 years.
  • Hornet - 1 to 1 scripted intervention using a multisensory cumulative approach for pupils who have significant difficulties in acquiring reading and spelling skills (Y3+).
  • Steps to Spelling - designed by Laurance Haines SpLD Outreach service (only available to schools supported by this service) to teach the common words listed in the Baseline Skills assessment using a whole-word approach.  This is a cumulative, multisensory, one to one programme delivered daily for 10 minutes.