Resources to Support your Child at Home

We know that many parents want to give their child extra help at home but can find it difficult to know which resources are going to be helpful.

The following resources have all been evaluated and found to be effective by Greg Brooks, Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield.  This is not an exhaustive list, but is designed to give parents some ideas, with a further link to find out more.

Toe by Toe

"Toe by Toe is a highly systematic page by page and step by step series of activities in one book, delivered one to one, with instructions for the 'coach' provided for each activity.  It deliberately takes learners right back to the beginning of phonics and works up from there, based on the observation that many learners with difficulties seem never to have got the hang of phonics.  Unusually, many of the stimuli are non words, in order to focus learners' attention solely on decoding and avoid guessing based on any other 'cue'.  It is intended that learner and coach should work through the entire scheme, however long that takes, and then graduate to simple reading books."  

Cost: around £25.00

Paired Reading

"Tutor and child begin by reading aloud together, and the tutor gradually withdraws, leaving the child to read alone.  Techniques are specified for intervening when the child falters or makes an error.  Praise is given regularly, and a flowchart is available as an aide-memoire.  This scheme was the first of a series of paired interventions evaluated by Professor Keith Topping, University of Dundee."

Cost: Free


"Lexia is a web-based Independent Learning System (ILS) with several programs.  It is predominantly phonics-based, beginning at initial letter level, and includes a simple comprehension element.  Pupils work through a program independently and at their own pace.  The computer keeps track of their progress (records can be printed off) and provides extra practice on aspects which pupils find difficult.  Teachers need to give initial guidance on using the program, teach and reinforce some units, and mainly oversee and monitor how their pupils are getting on.  Web-based home sessions are self-monitored."

Cost: contact Lexia directly tel: 020 7247 0328

Easy Read

"Easyread is an interactive computer based tutorial system which uses an approach called Guided Phonetic Reading.  It is designed to help 6 to 9 year old children who are falling behind in reading or spelling to achieve the level expected for their age."

Cost: Contact Easyread at

All quotes relating to interventions are taken directly from The Dyslexia SpLD trust website, Interventions for literacy.  For more information and information about other resources found to be effective see