Resources for Memory

It can be helpful to break a lesson down into 'chunks' for a child with memory difficulties, and to have a task plan sheet to refer to.  This is a blank format that can be laminated and either written on with a wipe off pen, or used with post it notes to help a child to stay on task during a session.

We have lots of useful resources for teaching phonics using onset and rime elsewhere on our website.  If you are teaching word families in this way, you may want to download our 'method of teaching a word family' guide below.

If you are a class teacher and need advice for supporting a child with working memory difficulties, we have a one page sheet summarising useful strategies below.

Further Reading

Working Memory and Learning - a practical guide for teachers by Susan Gathercole and Tracy Alloway

Short Term Memory Difficulties in Children: a practical resource by Joanne Rudland

Special Needs Assessment Handbook for Specific Learning Difficulties  by Charles Weedon