We are a resource base and maintain a stock of current teaching materials for our schools to view or borrow.  Link service teachers are happy to be contacted for advice and information about products.

The Outreach Service has an extensive range of up to date resources to support Literacy/Numeracy including:

  • A wide selection of structured reading schemes consisting of high interest/ low reading age and phonics based books.
  • Standardised and diagnostic assessment materials for reading, spelling and maths.
  • Resources to support the development of spelling skills, both phonic and high frequency linked to Letters & Sounds e.g. games, strategies, ICT.
  • Examples of literacy interventions.
  • A wide range of numeracy resources.

All resources can be viewed on our Open Afternoons (see current training Programme for dates) or by appointment with the service link teacher.


The Outreach Service has assessments for our schools to use for reading and spelling linked to letters and sounds and also for read write inc schools.  There is also a Outreach Service numeracy assessment available for our schools to use.  Please contact the service directly if you need a copy sent by email.

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