Processing Speed

Learners who have slower processing speed, can become frustrated in a busy classroom.  They are usually capable of completing tasks, both oral and written but may take longer to do so.  Slow processing speed can make it hard to take in a lot of information at once, both orally e.g. when a teacher is talking, or when reading.

These learners may need extra time for copying and note making.  Alternatively, supply copies of information for them to annotate or highlight instead, or allow them to photograph information using an ipad.

Consider additional support for word processing or handwriting, so that these processes can become automatic, freeing up the learner to focus on content.

In class discussions, allow these learners extra time to formulate their ideas and answers.  This will allow them to show their real level of understanding.

Bear in mind that homework tasks may take longer for these learners, and discuss this with parents to find soluations.

Consider whether additional time would be appropriate in timed tasks and exams to allow pupils to demonstrate their true level of attainment.