Parent Information

The SpLD Bases are an outreach service supporting schools. Please do not contact us directly.

If you are concerned about your child's literacy and/or numeracy progress, please contact your child's teacher in the first instance. If further information is required, we advise you to arrange an appointment with the school's Special Needs Co-ordinator.

If you feel you would like someone to support you when meeting with the school, then contact SENDIASS, an impartial information service funded by Hertfordshire County Council for parents, carers and young persons (aged 0-25 years). 

The websites/email addresses below will also give you further information and resources to help you support your child.

Organisation Tel. Website/Email Address
British Dyslexia Association 0845 251 9002

Dyslexia Action

01784 222300
Dyslexia Matters 01727 867399
Dyspraxia Foundation 01462 454986
National Autistic Society (NAS) 0845 0704004

SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service)

01992 555847


Add-Vance (ADD, ADHD) 01727 833963


Useful Leaflets/Books

Dyslexia Explained by Mike Jones ebook

This colourful, visual book produced by Nessy Learning will help parents and children to clearly understand dyslexia: the positives, the difficulties and what helps.  It can be read as an e-book by clicking on the link below, or a hard copy can be purchased for £5.99 from or tel. 0117 923 9777

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