Memory Difficulties in the Classroom

Many children with learning difficulties have memory problems that make learning more difficult.  They may needs lots more opportunities for over learning and consolidation than their peers.

Many children with working memory difficulties can present as poorly organised.  It can be very difficult and stressful for these children to forget the details of what they need or have to do throughout the day.

These children can be helped by:

  • Visual or colour coded timetables
  • Lists or pictures of equipment needed for tasks (e.g. ruler, maths book, pencil, rubber) or lessons (top, shorts, socks, plimsoles for PE)
  • Support in knowing what homework has been set and when it is due in by a clearly written diary system
  • School bags with sections to organise their books and materials needed.

Children with working memory difficulties can also seem to be inattentive in class, they may interrupt or keep asking a neighbour what the teacher just said.

These children can be helped by:

  • Simple instructions, given one at a time, in the order that you want a task completed
  • Extra time for thinking before answering, so the child can process what has been said before responding
  • Repeating key words or phrases and explaining them to make sure they are meaningful
  • Avoiding copying from the board.