Left-handed Pupils

About 10% of the population is left-handed.  Handedness is usually well-established by the time a child starts school.  The child does not actively choose one hand over the other, rather it is determined by the brain.

Left-handed pupils.....

  • Need to sit so their left side is at the edge of the desk.  Otherwise they will keep bumping elbows with the right-handed child they are sitting next to.
  • Need to angle their paper to the right as they write.
  • May need reminding initially which direction they should write in - it is physically counter intuitive for a left hander to work left to right, as this requires more pushing movements than pulling movements, which are harder to control.  Draw a green dot to the left margin for go and a red dot on the right for stop to remind them.
  • Will need to hold their pencil slightly further back from the tip than a right-hander to be able to exert better control and not smudge their writing.
  • Will not be able to see the words they have just written because they will be covered by their writing hand.
  • May find it easier to use special pencils/pens or grips designed for left-handers.
  • Will prefer left-handed scissors.

Look at http://www.theschoolrun.com/english/handwriting for video clip of left-handed handwriting tips.

Handwriting Position Sheet