Handwriting Interventions

We have a number of published handwriting interventions at the SpLD Base which schools can look at or borrow for evaluation. Please ask your Base link teacher if you would like to see them. Four of the most useful and popular are:

Write from the Start by Ion Teodorescu & Lois Addy (LDA)

This focuses very much on pre-writing skills and is designed for 4-6 year olds as well as older pupils with handwriting difficulties. It contains over 400 carefully graded exercises and activities to develop hand-eye co-ordination, form constancy, spatial organisation, figure-ground discrimination, orientation and laterality. It consists of two pupil workbooks and a teacher's handbook.

Re-Write Part One by Val Hammond (Partners in Education UK Ltd)

This is a structured cumulative remedial handwriting programme. The photocopiable material uses gridded paper to ensure correct letter formation that is orientated to the vertical line as well as the more usual horizontal line. It can be used as an initial handwriting programme teaching fully cursive script, or in the remedial setting. It aims not just to teach but to develop fluency.

Speed Up! by Lois Addy (LDA)

In 8 weekly sessions, Speed Up! provides a multi-sensory course of help for any child aged 8-13 whose handwriting is illegible, slow or lacking in fluency. It was developed by a leading paediatric occupational therapist and is designed specifically for older children struggling with handwriting. Speed Up! develops kinaesthetic awareness through multi-sensory activity and exercise. The programme includes a baseline assessment, clear, fully illustrated, photocopiable instruction sheets, and the emphasis throughout is on enjoyment, building self-esteem and developing writing confidence. Children can be taught in groups of 3-4.

Handwriting Rescue Scheme (MSL)

This is a complete photocopiable programme for fully cursive handwriting. It contains over 300 structured exercises and is designed to establish the correct cursive letter formation. It is ideal for introducing cursive handwriting and correcting poor handwriting habits. It includes sheets with different versions of the same letter (e.g. f) so can be adapted to suit most cursive scripts.

Jimbo Fun by Cathy Parvin

Fun one to one motor skills programme in a box (similar to the 5-Minute Literacy or Maths Box) designed to give children the skills they need for handwriting. Graduated programme of exercises and activities which help to develop pre-writing skills (core muscle development and fine motor control). Daily programme delivered by TAin 15-minute sessions over 6-12 weeks, depending on level of need. 2 versions of the programme: Junior Jimbo Fun (41/2 to 6 years) and Jimbo Fun (6-10 years).

Early Handwriting Toolkit by Sheilagh Blyth

One to one programme suitable for children aged 4 to 7 years experiencing difficulty with early handwriting skills - poor hand control and letter formation, experiencing hand/wrist pain when writing, poor writing posture and core stability, poor pencil grip and paper position. Delivered at least twice a week for 15-20 minutes by TA. Detailed, clear instructions and assessments provided.

Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills Programme from South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

The South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust website offers handwriting intervention programmes which are free to download. There are 6 programmes to choose from, arranged in a developmental sequence, starting with foundation skills in movement and body awareness and moving all the way up to handwriting fluency.

Each programme is designed to run for a half term (6 weeks), with 3 short sessions (approximately 20-30 minutes) per week. The programmes are ideal for a small group setting and the booklets contain all the information you need to deliver the programmes, with session-by-session plans.