Developing Writing Skills

Writing is a complex skill that requires a pupil to be able to combine a number of other sub-skills all at the same time.  Children need to learn to write so they can:

  • access and record their learning in school
  • do their job when they are grown up
  • communicate with others both formally and informally, and
  • record information just for themselves.

Many learners with Specific Learning Difficulties find writing very difficult and often struggle because they cannot easily master and combine some of the sub-skills needed.  To be able to write effectively children need:

  • good posture and upper body muscle control
  • good fine motor skills
  • eye hand co-ordination
  • sustained concentration
  • a wide vocabulary
  • an understanding of the relationship between the letters they write and the sounds they represent so they can spell phonetically regular words
  • a learned bank of common sight words that they can spell without having to think
  • an understanding of grammar, punctuation and presentation
  • a purpose to write for
  • ideas
  • the ability to sequence their ideas, and
  • the ability to adapt their writing style to their audience.

Children with Specific Learning Difficulties may have difficulties with working memory, visual motor integration skills, phonological or processing skills and these will all impact on their ability to write easily.