Assessing specific maths difficulties

This outreach service has devised the Base Numeracy Assessment and this has been given to all the 56 schools we cover.  In line with recent research from the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF) the assessment is designed to identify what a pupil can do, as well as the gaps and misconceptions they may have.

The intention is that schools use this information to build on the pupil's strengths, as well as addressing areas of need.  The summary sheet allows schools to record small steps of progress.

An Early Number Assessment is available to our schools by request from their link specialist teacher.  This assessment covers early parts of the Year 1 curriculum and can be used to identify strengths, gaps and misconceptions for pupils with specific learning difficulties in mathematics.

Our resource base holds some published standardised tests that our schools are welcome to view for evaluation purposes.  Please contact your link specialist teacher in order to arrange this.

Examples of mathematic assessments available to view are:

  • More trouble with Maths by Steve Chinn
  • Sandwell Early Numeracy Test (age 4-8 years)
  • Headstart Mathematics assessment tests Years 1-5
  • PUMA mathematics assessments by Hodder